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SAM Introduction and Administration

Install/Update Softwareinfo
Physics MCI (v1)info
Chemistry MCI (v1)info
Biology MCI (v1)info
MCI for RAPID teachers only (v1)info
Student Attitude Survey (v2)info
Intro to Modeling (v3)info

SAM Physics Activities

Atoms and Energy (v3)info
Atomic Structure (v3)info
Electricity (v4)info
Atoms, Excited States, and Photons (v4)info
Heat and Temperature (v3)info
Newton's Laws at the Atomic Scale (v3)info
Spectroscopy (v4)info
Electrostatics (v5)info

SAM Chemistry Activities

Phase Change (v3)info
Gas Laws (v3)info
Intermolecular Attractions (v3)info
Molecular Geometry (v3)info
Solubility (v2)info
Chemical Bonds (v3)info
Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry (v4)info

SAM Biology Activities

Diffusion, Osmosis, and Active Transport (v4)info
Cellular Respiration (v2)info
Four Levels of Protein Structure (v3)info
Molecular Recognition (v2)info
Intro to Macromolecules (v1)info
Proteins and Nucleic Acids (v3)info
Lipids and Carbohydrates (v5)info
DNA to Proteins (v3)info
Photosynthesis (v3)info

SAM Archived Activities

Electrostatics (v3)info
Lipids and Carbohydrates (v4)info